My name is Greg and this is my site. I will be continuing to add features to my site as I decide what I can find useful. If you have any good ideas for services I could host feel free to email me.

There are many ways to follow what I am doing.

I can be contacted on

Click this link to see my GitHub repo.

Buy stuff for me on
Feel free to send me money on

You can also donate at streamtip. It supports PayPal and Bitcoin.

Join me on Discord. It's a free multi-platform chat service.

Come watch me on Twitch. I will be streaming games I play on Linux and my Zwift workouts.

I host my own email. Email me at
This is a link to my Nextcloud. If you have a user and password then enjoy.
I love using Zwift for my training. I recommend you give it a try.
Great site for beginners to learn coding. I'm working my way through python and it is all done through the browser. Makes things very easy for new coders.
This is a link to It is a really usefull site to learn linux and other Non-Windows based system administration.
This is a link to Lbry. It's an open source video sharing site. I will be hosting videos on this server in the future.
This site was built by me, maintained by me and hosted by me.